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even if one has left you, you’re still eleven chasing the same dream.
stay strong, exo.
we are one.
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tao can use only one arm to carry a fucking giant sehun but can’t even carry a tiny baekhyun with both arms

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Someone call the doctor
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© | Please don't claim it as your own;
you can use it personally but please do
not re-upload! Thank you c:
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Because your eyes, nose, lips-
Every look and every breath, every kiss-
Still got me dyin’
Still got me cryin’

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baeksoo’s great friendship….

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snap a picture of Oh Sehun

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My final gift to you, is letting you go. For you have cried with me, a poor dog who was ready to die for you. Just for that, I have tasted all the happiness this world can offer.
(adapted from Phantom of the Opera)